About Us

Personifying French Fragrances

Come fall in love with the magic of French Fragrances held in Faire L’Amour. Right from the inception of its name to the multiple tones that each perfume bottle entraps, let the mystic aromas entwine with the very soul of your being.

Affordable Excellence

Each bottle of Faire L’Amour transports you to the promenades of the luxury urbanite, claiming the limelight is the affordable price quotient, that makes these perfumes easy on the pocket across all segments.

Indian Roots With French Connect

With an impressive legacy of over 25 years in the mystic art of perfume making, Faire L’Amours offers an exquisite range of lifestyle fragrances- a luxury brand that aspires you to love all the brilliant facets of your personality- embrace yourself.

The WOW Factor

Each bottle of Faire L’Amour Perfume contains the perfect symphony of rich fragrance notes, sourced responsibly from the best in class elements of nature, thereby, sealing along with it, a promise of complete skin neutrality. No allergies. No stains. Only rich, mesmerizing aromas.